Eating Well in Paris: First Stop at Chez Georges


When you stay in Paris for a short while, dining in a restaurant at a respectable, fairly valued dining establishment might become a ridiculous game of trial and error. In this brand-new series of write-ups, I will certainly suggest several places no vacationer will ever before regret having actually tried out!

Facing the eating-out issue

When it comes eating out in Paris, tourists unfamiliar with the city may have a hard time locating the right place to dine in a restaurant. Consider it by doing this: you are to live, breathe and eat momentarily in a city which counts over 1,500 dining establishments, in a country worldwide understood for its splendid food. Where do you start from? And also what assurance do you need to strike the best places for lunch and supper?


A multitude of my American good friends choose to follow their preferred travel overview’s referrals. Great reasoning. However there’s a drawback to it: vacationers tend utilize the exact same traveling guides. As well as a lot of tourists kill authenticity.

The so-called ‘French cuisine’

Being birthed as well as having actually lived in France for 30 some years prior to I found my real home in America, I have an in-bred tendency to be exceptionally particular when it pertains to food. When I travel back to Paris, I particularly do not like being offered average food at over-inflated prices.

Likewise I locate it really hard to approve that any one of my American good friends touring Paris be served ordinary food impersonating ‘French cuisine’. For this reason this brand-new collection of short articles.

In the course of a number of recent journeys to the French capital, I was presented by local close friends to a couple of dining establishments I found to be definitely notable. My initial stop will certainly be ‘Chez Georges’.

The set

‘ Chez Georges’ stands apart tall among my recent explorations.

I had obtained an invite for lunch from Philippe H., an attorney-at-law who focuses on brokering deals in document time. Philippe has been lunching at ‘Chez Georges’ for the last twenty years approximately, he is a fixture of the place. He also has his own table there. A very sensible state of affairs, mind you, as ‘Chez Georges’ always operates at full capability, and also one needs to book a minimum of two days ahead of time to get a table.

The design is normal French 1920-30, with a mosaic flooring, big mirrors on the wall surfaces, dark brownish timber panels, and also sandish paint. The restaurant is divided in two rooms, both very narrow. The very first area includes a bar and also a row of small square tables. Being close to the door and also window panes, it is well lit. The area in the back is bigger, with two rows of tables. It’s also darker, with no home windows. The (little) cooking area is positioned at the rear of this area, and the washrooms another action behind.

The area is certainly packed, as well as extremely active. It smells good food, as well as though visitors are enabled to smoke I didn’t locate cigarette smoke to be a concern. The whole ambience is jovial, dynamic and also vibrant. No elevator music to bother you, yet your next-door neighbors’ voices might cover your own. Really Parisian, no doubt, but I saw several American folks having lunch there.

The accomplishment

Our celebration of six was soon often tended by Zoe the waitress, a sight for aching eyes. This grinning brunette is married to the dining establishment supervisor, a pleasant fellow who often tends bench and the cash register. Zoe has a nice word for every person, can explain the food selection thoroughly, suggests what’s right for you, as well as stirs diligently.

The menu at ‘Chez Georges’ is as varied as tasty. Whatever on it spells French tradition. We chose to order a large choice of appetisers to share, consisting of rillettes (a sort of crown made with pork, duck or goose), pink radish, herrings, museau (beef head crown), potato salad, and other specials.

The goods can be found in charitable sections, and also a couple of bottles of white Sancerre assisted us gulp all this down. (Sancerre is a light red or white wine. It is made from black pinot or white sauvignon, and also is expanded in the Touraine area.) We were offered 2 various sorts of fresh bread, consisting of a scrumptious Poilane bread

We after that struck the meals: duck filet with potatoes for me, please, served pink. (In my publication, duck prepared to ‘done’ is unpalatable.) Soon came home plates, full up. My duck filet was flawlessly prepared, and also thick and also tender as it need to be. A remarkable abundance of beautiful food! We went along with the major fares with a bottle of red Chinon, a white wine expanded in my home town. Things to obtain damned for!

All is well that finishes well

The treat was as delicious as the remainder of this hearty meal. I had a Tarte Tatin, an caramelized apple pie baked ‘upside-down’. Apple pieces are first baked on sugar, after that covered with dough, and place in the oven again for a short while. When baked, the pie is passed on to make sure that the dough now supports the apples. The outcome is an extremely soft pie, with a wonderful yet not overpowering preference of caramel. It is offered with vanilla ice.

All of us ended up the meal on an excellent espresso. The check was very affordable: it came to about 60 USD each, for an unforgettable dish that consisted of a lots of appetisers, 6 major prices, 7 servings of treat, 3 containers of a glass of wine, and coffees for everyone. Expect to pay USD 30 on a lighter price and less a glass of wine.

Though really hearty, my meal was very easy to absorb. I really did not feel puffed up after that, just slightly tipsy thanks to numerous servings of light wine. The items used were of excellent quality, the bread fresh baked. The solution we obtained was diligent and pleasant.

Definitely a location I suggest you, my taking a trip close friends!

Chez Georges
1 rue du Mail
75002 Paris
Tel: 33 (0 )1 42 60 07 11
Lunch as well as dinner
Closed on week-ends and vacations
Book a table a minimum of 48h beforehand

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