The Great Adventure


( Liz, clothed for hiking, gets in with a walking stick in hand and putting on a backpack.).
Hi! My name is Elizabeth Andra Shaw and also I get on an excellent journey– a trip called Life, a journey to respond to the concern, “That am I?”.
The initial 44 years of my life, I lived in an area called Hatville. It was an interesting area. Every person was very busy because they were using various hats. In Hatville, hats are popular. Individuals accumulate hats, and also some hats are so unusual that they confer excellent status on their proprietors. There is competition as well as envy bordering high status hats.


I grabbed a few hats myself while I lived in Hatville, including the Daughter Hat, the Sister Hat, the Physiotherapist Hat, the Medical Editor Hat, and also the Other half Hat. As a matter of fact (Liz disregards her knapsack as well as extracts a hat) below is my favorite, the Phoenix az Mercury Follower Hat! (Liz excitedly designs the hat for the target market.).
( Liz turns instantly major and leans on her walking stick with both hands.) There came a day, nonetheless, when I obtained word that I could no longer stay in Hatville. I was told I would certainly need to visit the nearby country. Well, I really did not intend to go! I had become aware of that country, its rough terrain, the discomfort and suffering that were commonplace among its residents. Yet I was offered no choice, therefore I set off from Hatville to Cancer Land.
I was interested to discover when I showed up that the locals of Cancer Land additionally gather hats, however there is no status attached to them. Hats are simply a method of keeping the sun off a tender bald head. There was much less stress there, however equally as much task. Instead of chasing after status, the locals of Cancer cells Land kept really busy counting their blessings. A stunning sunset that God painted just for me. The whirr of a dragonfly death by. The gentleness of a feline’s stubborn belly. As I became active counting my blessings, the surface really did not appear fairly so rough as well as the suffering didn’t appear fairly as unbearable as I had heard it would be. I learned to be material in Cancer Land by residing in the minute and getting all of its true blessings. I additionally fulfilled my inner child, and also right here is among her favorite things. (Liz essences a stuffed pet from the knapsack.) This is Gideon, my chemokitty. He went with me to therapy because my various other cats weren’t allowed. Yes, Gideon and I did a great deal of challenging things together.
After around 2 years, I was healthy sufficient to leave Cancer cells Land. I can have returned to Hatville, but by now, I had no wish to do so. I ventured rather into the unknown area past Cancer cells Land, as well as I found myself in a huge open location with choices open up to me for miles around. Infinite choices. But there was no road, no path, no direction. I really did not recognize what to do! I clambered around, searching for a path and also discovered myself entering circles. Ultimately I located a wise woman that stated to me, “It’s time to stop DOing and to merely BE.” It went to that moment that I understood that this part of the trip would imply going deep inside, right into the core of my Self, to discover the treasure within. When comprehended, the prize would enlighten my selections as well as the course would certainly show up. (Liz puts down the hat as well as the stick, and takes a deep, cleaning breath.) Let me introduce my core Beingness to you tonight.
I am Liz.
I am courage and hope.
I am giggling and joy.
I am sadness and splits.
I am discomfort and also mercy.
I am empathy as well as empathy.
I am obligation as well as integrity.
I am a kid as well as I am an adult.
I am freedom and regard.
I am mystery.
I am The Beloved.
I am a song that God sings in the shower every early morning and then can’t get off His mind all day long.
I. am … Liz.

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